Export of synthetic rubber, carbon black & plastics.

Logistics and Supplies

Forwarding of the Russian manufacturers’ export cargoes and transportation of goods through the Russian ports, through the Republic of Latvia into the Ventspils and Riga commercial seaports, the ports of the Estonian Republic.

  • Transportation of cargo from manufacturers’ warehouses

  • Cargo consolidation at European warehouses, storage of cargoes

  • Customs clearance

  • Registration of consignees as foreign trade operators at the customs post

  • Preparation of a set of documents required for customs clearance

  • Delivery of standard and out-of-gauge cargo

  • Insurance of goods

  • Services of a customs broker


International Trade

  • A large trader of the mineral fertilizers manufactured in Russia

  • Cooperation with the most high performance and high-tech chemical plants and ore mining and processing enterprises of Russia

  • Availability of a number of logistic centres on the European and Global levels, logistic service in the transhipment terminals of the Baltic ports

There are well-developed distribution chains in Russia, Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia, own trading companies.

Well-thought logistics and expert calculations under international trade transactions play a crucial role in ROR business allowing it to ensure flexible shipments of goods and meeting the most demanding delivery schedules, which is considered to be the most important competitive advantage in the global market

Export and Consulting

The main area of the company’s activity involves the accomplishment of various practical foreign trade tasks of the Russian exporters.

The ROR EXPORT Consulting experts have positive experience in addressing the following marketing tasks:

  • Pursuance of marketing researches required to make decisions on the possibility and advisability of further entrance to certain targeted markets.

  • Searches for potential partners (dealers, distributors and representatives), check of foreign contracting parties.

  • Information environment analysis in search of effective sales channels.

  • Compilation of databases of potential customers and clients.

  • Promotion of a positive image of the company.


Our Mission
To be the most effective company involved in the development of the Russian export capacity and thus contributing to the economic prosperity of the Russian Federation and countries of the European Union.
Our Values
  • Focus on customer needs
  • Personal involvement and engagement
  • High professionalism
  • Commitment
  • Aspiration of being the best at what we do
Our Goals
To remain a reliable acknowledged leader among the suppliers of agro mineral products in the region, to promote further business development of our partners and clients by offering a full range of high-quality services relating to export forwarding of their products.
Increase of the sales volumes of Russian products in the external markets through creation of the relative infrastructure and provision of reliable logistic schemes; achieving maximum increase of business value.
We can offer you a wide range of various synthetic rubber grades, as well as ABS plastics, polyethylene and polystyrene.
Carbon black

ROR supplies carbon black from Russia. We sell all of the most common ASTM grades in three modes: Furnace (N220 to N774), Thermal (N990/N991), and Channel (K354).

PolyisopreneRubber (IR)

Synthetic Isoprene Rubber is used for the production of various rubber-technical articles, including food applications, rubber footwear, sporting goods, bonding compounds, tires, and water repellant compositions.


Butyl Rubber is used in the production of tire inner tubes, diaphragms of shaper-vulkanizers, latex of butyl rubber and numerous other applications.

PolybutadieneRubber (BR)

Butadiene Rubber is mixed with other rubbers to improve anti-wearing, anti-twist, repulsive elasticity and coldness endurance.

Styrene ButadieneRubber (SBR)

Styrene Butadiene Rubber is made from styrene and butadiene by low temperature emulsification polymerization and has various rubber characteristics for common use.

ABS plastics, polyethylene and polystyrene
Chemicals used in the rubber industry